Service Catalog


Making it easy for end-users to order services

The Problem...

The enterprise service catalog product that was purchased did not live up to its promises. New bugs and shortcomings were found on a daily basis, and more time was being wasted trying to get things working properly, hugely offsetting the benefit of such a product in the first place.

The Solution...

My team (of two... that's two, including me) re-worked a previous form-management solution that had been created in-house, and focused strongly on end-user experience, ease of use, stability, and all the features we needed in a front-end.



Custom field types...

...allowing direct interaction with various server management technology such as HP iLOs, Cisco UCS Managaer and IMC, and VMware vCenter.

Database driven...

...add a new service, and it appears in the correct category, to the appropriate users


End-user oriented front end design... ensure a quick, easy service request experience


Uses standards tables... determine options that are available to end users


Progress reports... keep a user informed of their request status

Easily integratable...

...with any backend workflow product


Approvals and tasks...

...allowing backend workflows to be stopped until a specific request is approved

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