Compliance Dashboard


Making it easy to keep all servers to a set of standards

The Problem...

With thousands of servers to support, and a large number of people potentially logging in to them making changes and fixing issues, it's very easy for servers to fall out of line with standards, potentially causing issues that lead to off-hours calls for help, and downtime for end users.

The Solution...

A compliance dashboard, with color coded blocks making it easy to visualize when something isn't right among your servers. Each block is based on a SQL query, checking for specific criteria. The data is updated regularly by the inventory script, which is capable of gathering any information that you may want to check for standards.



Flexibility create a compliance check for just about anything you can imagine

Every block on the dashboard has a corresponding...

Set of criteria information... the user knows exactly what they're looking at


API code..

...which can be ued in Power Shell to auto-remediate issues

Threshold setting... determine when a block turns green (good), yellow (warning), orange (more serious warning) or red (serious issue)

Custom animations... help draw the eye to issues

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