JIRA Integrations and Automation


Integrating systems with no out-of-the-box plugins

The Problem...

JIRA was selected as our agile work management tool of choice, but Ivanti HEAT was still our day-to-day ticketing system. People didn't want to have to go to separate systems to manage their work. It was impossible to manage an agile sprint in JIRA, when a large portion of peoples' work came from the separate ticketing system.

The Solution...

As our JIRA admin and automation specialist, I created an integration solution to connect JIRA to our HEAT ticketing system. There was no official plugin to make this happen, so I wrote it with a combination of .NET REST web services and PowerShell.




...automatically collects any new tickets from HEAT on a fast and regular basis, importing them to JIRA with no user interaction required.


...allows the various JIRA user groups to specify their preferences for how tickets are handled, such as closing transferred tickets immediately, or keeping them open for reference until the JIRA ticket is closed.


...runs on a regular scheduled basis, logs all actions, and notifies admins of any issues along the way.


Thought through...

...worked directly with end-users of the solution to gather and talk through their requirements.

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