Gitlab Admin and Automation


Making Gitlab easily available to all, to implement robust CI/CD pipelines

The Problem...

...developers were using a variety of code repositories, CI/CD products and old, outdated development processes, resulting in an uneven quality in internally produced applications and solutions, and producing a lot of wasted time and money.

The Solution...

...I brought in, installed, configured and automated GitLab, making it as easy as possible for enterprise users to get started with immediately, so that development processes and CI/CD pipelines could be standardized as much as possible.



Easy to start using...

...created an automated process for developers to request access to the product, reducing gitlab administration overhead.


...wrote custom documentation for our instance, to help people get started with git and GitLab.

CI/CD templates...

...produced CI/CD template scripts to help others get started with automating their deployments in a standardized way.



...completely transformed the day to day development work of both my team, and others around the enterprise, allowing for faster, safer deployments of our applications and solutions.

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