Backups Dashboard


Bringing together multiple standalone EMC Avamar grids

The Problem...

Despite being a very efficient de-duplicated backup system, EMC's Avamar product did not have any method for its various "grids" (backup servers) to talk to each other, making it difficult for backup admins to know which grid was backing up which servers etc. The product also has no automated method of restarting failed backups, and a fair amount of manual effort was required to find failures, and manually restart them every day.

The Solution...

This was my first web project, after learning PHP. I decided, based on what I had learned so far, that I could easily solve this problem, and ease the backup administrator's workload in terms of checking daily failures, and restarting backups that did fail, while also presenting data to everyone in a meaningful and useful way.



Backup completion rates make it easy to see at a glance how well the company's data is protected.

Backup length averages, and change rates...

...calculated every day, to easily visualize any unusual activity in the past 24 hours


Individual client search, and other reports...

...combining data from all Avamar grids

Automatically lists backup failures from the past 24 hrs...

...and allows an admin to selectively restart those backups


Live, on-demand listing...

...of currently running backups and restores, and Avamar grid information

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