Infrastructure Dashboard


Visualizing data in an easily usable format

The Problem...

We had a server inventory database that had been created quite a few years before, however users could only view one server at a time, and had to use the overly-complex Microsoft SQL Reporting Services to get any useful data.

The Solution...

A dashboard, created using C# .NET MVC, and using various open source javascript libraries such as charts.js and datatables.js, allowing users to easily and intuitively view and use the data.



Live information...

...from a SQL backend, regularly updated automatically by my inventory script

Every Page Searchable... free-text filters and keywords

Every block on the dashboard has a corresponding...

Full grid-based report...

...fully filterable and exportable, with configurable columns/fields


API code.. access the data through Power Shell

Individual refresh.. refresh just that data, without affecting the rest of the page

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