Inventory Script


Making it possible to gather any inventory information from thousands of servers

The Problem...

Our server inventory database was very manual in its data collection and updating, and the enterprise inventory solution product we used was unreliable, and difficult to support We often came across various misconfigurations and problems with servers that remained hidden until an issue occurred

The Solution...

I created a centrally managed Power Shell script, that was scheduled to run on every server on a set cycle. It has a module concept, that allows smaller snippets of code to be added in, to gather very specific information.




...Script completes very quickly, using very little CPU time

Web service..

...inserts data directly into the server inventory database

Expandable via modules...

...which allow gathering of any information from a server, and can be written by other server/technology owners


Reports errors...

...directly to a central E-mail account for quick remediation


Useful data...

...the data gathered by this script, powers the infrastructure and compliance dashboards

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